Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Just Dance

In the spring I had my dance recital!

LOVE being on stage.

I eat up every second of it...if I am being honest.

I also love getting all dolled up.

and seeing one of my dance teachers all dressed up as Aurora.
(the theme of the recital was Disney princesses)

 I didn't mind the photo shoot with dad either.

It's almost as good as being on stage!

The camera and I have a special relationship.

whether its the dramatic poses, 

or the flirtatious glances, 

I just adore being captured on film! 

and it helps that my dad is my photographer...he so gets me.

I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain

Cole was Baptized in July.

It was the perfect day.

My amazing friend Lenae drew the art work for the program.

Nana Kathy gave a talk on baptism and gave Cole a cool old key to remember the day.
Grandma Watkins gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and likened it to a super power. She even had a Thor and Captain America to give him to help him remember his new super power!

Ali and I sang a duet.

and Justin performed the baptism and confirmation.
 I bawled at the confirmation. I was not expecting such a sweet and tender blessing. It was beautiful.

Getting a picture with all of us looking perfect was not going to happen, so we are going to document how happy we were instead.

We were so lucky to have family and friends surrounding us! Grandma and Grandpa came from San Diego, Uncle Lance and Aunt Michelle drove up from Utah, Nana Kathy and Papa Dave flew in from Michigan as did Uncle Jon and Aunt Jen. 
We had a big pulled pork luncheon afterwards with the help of Aunt Michelle's cooking skills, complete with homemade root beer brewed by Andrea Dallimore. 
We were spoiled with friends and family to help us celebrate the special day!

Not everyone could make it though, Uncle David being one of them.
So instead he painted this...

Yeah, I know, talk about talented!

It was the perfect gift to help Cole remember such a special day. 
Cole is an amazing young man. He is an old soul. Always has been.
We could not be more proud of him and the decision he made to be baptized.
He truly tries to follow his Saviors example daily.
We love you Cole.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Back to school, back to school...

We had our annual back to school spaghetti dinner the night before school started.
Our Theme for this year is going to be...
"Do unto others as you would have done unto you"

We got home from our Michigan trip the night before so it wasn't quite as intensely decorated as last year... but it was every bit as fun!

I know, he is huge.

We giggled, set goals, and had father's back to school blessings. 

Then the next morning it was back to school!
Cole is in Mr. Lundquist's 3rd grade class.

and Ali is in Mrs. Roberts 1st grade class.

I have to admit, I am one of those mom's that is never quite ready to have them go back to school.

I actually miss their craziness!

Good thing I have Piper to keep me company!
...she frequently puts on their backpacks as soon as they get home and informs us all that she is now going to school.
Needless to say she misses them too.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dinglehop-her she's 6!

Ali turned six!

and we invited her friends to dingle-hop on over for a swimmingly good time shell-ebrating!

Every sea worthy party needs some good eats!

so we had peanut butter and jelly fish sandwiches,

 sea cucumbers
 & sand dollar cookies,

as well as clam shells

and pearls.

the little mermaids were each given a sand pale to hold their treasures and a flower lei to tropically accessorize.

after a land locked lunch, 

it was time to get fishy
(with sebastion says)

and bust out the water works!!!

which quickly turned into a gymnastics meet.

then the drenched party goers came in for some cake

and candles.

The mermaid of honor was showered with enough gifts to fill her trove with treasures.

by these fabulously wonderful water worthy friends!

Ali makes us smile from ear to ear!
She is gorgeous inside and out and we are absolutely obsessed with her cute little six year old self!


Alright, no judging...this cake is a little less than our normal all-out-go-at-things...
but she's two and it was just us hooligans, so we opted for simple.

So a popsicle for the pipe-sicle it was!

she didn't mind my ghetto cake one bit!

such dainty little two year old manners

she loved her some chocolate!

wouldn't you say?!

and what did her 2 year old heart desire?

a red radio flyer wagon.

which she rode around the neighborhood in style.

Piper is the most hilariously entertaining addition to our family that we could ever ask for. 
She keeps us smiling and we are completely obsessed with her!
Happy second kid, you make our world a fabulous place!!!

Calling all soldiers...Captain America here.

Cole tuned 8!

and a Captain America Party was in order.

Complete with  party favors. 

That had to be personalized of course!

Party goers were summoned by an urgent message from Captain America, requesting their presence at head quarters, where they were greeted by truly patriotic decor.

Justin worked his cake magic again this year.

he is awefully handy!

the recruits decorated Shields of the frisbee variety,

and immediately put them into action.

Ali adorned her self America style for the festivities, 

as did piper, who put herself to use stealing everyones shoes.

Next up was some cadet cookie decorating.

and eating...

Sgt. Cole was then bestowed with a bounty of gifts from his comrades. 

and finally the cake was devoured.

Cole asked for a sea food feast for his family birthday dinner..I would say daddy delivered!

Over all it was a fabulous day for a fabulous kid!
We sure love you Cole!